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Starbucks youth action

Not problems to be solved, young people use their passion to solve problems

This programme inspires and empowers young people from across the UK and Ireland to make a difference in their communities by applying to Starbucks Youth Action for seed funding and volunteer hours from Starbucks partners.  As well as supporting the young people to bring to life the projects that mean the most to them, we also offer training to young people on managing a budget, working with volunteers and project management. At the end of the first year we are supporting over 50 youth-led projects in 10 cities in the UK and Ireland.  Whether it is introducing bee-hives to an inner-city park in Manchester, tackling cyber-bullying in Cardiff or supporting cheer-leaders in Kensington we are committed to supporting young people to make their communities better places to be.

Applications are now open for Starbucks Youth Action 2012.

What you need to do: Check that you meet the eligibility criteria, are you 16-24 years old, and will your project operate within:

      • Greater London
      • Belfast
      • Birmingham
      • Bristol
      • Cardiff
      • Dublin
      • Edinburgh
      • Leeds
      • Manchester

To apply – download this application form and send it by 9am 5 March to starbucksyouthaction@ukyouth.org. Applications received on time will be acknowledged and applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. If you were funded in year one, we cannot support you again, but would love you to support your friends to apply!


Don´t miss the opportunity!! Enfuse youth is happy to share this!

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Stand Out! Apply To The New Entrepreneurs Foundation

Apply Here: www.newentrepreneursfoundation.com


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Guest Blog: Reflections on the New Entrepreneurs Foundation

By Andrew Jude Rajanathan

This time last year I was sitting in front of a Bloomberg screen compiling research notes and working on M&A pitches for a boutique firm in the City. A year later things look very different. Finance is no longer sexy, entrepreneurship is on everybody’s lips and the U.K government still scratches its head as to how on to get the company growing. Continue reading

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