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Enfuse London Conference Nokia Competition!

As part of Enfuse Youth’s partnership with Nokia, we’re running a competition in the lead up to the Enfuse London Conference.

We want to know:


All you need to do is:

  1. Book Your Ticket
  2. Tweet your answer to @Nokia_Connects with the #ENFUSELDN hashtag.

The best answers will win something ‘amazing’ to take home on the day.

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Enfuse Schools New Dates

In the UK young people will work for 50 years! That’s half a century before you can retire!

Are you the person who wants to do something they don’t enjoy for half century?

No! We thought not.

We’re young people who have developed Enfuse Schools after working with experts and 10,000 young people in 4 countries over the pass 24 months. 

Enfuse Schools takes young people like you (13-17/18-25) through interactive workshops, igniting your enthusiasm for your career and life mission.

So you can begin to love what you do and do what you love!  

If you have a burning idea and want to turn it into a reality or simply want a no nonsense guide to building the attitudes and skills which will land your dream career, then Enfuse School is for you!

Grab Your Limited Place Today

  • Discover how you can take your ideas and ambition forward,
  • Meet like-minded people,
  • Add a certified experience to your CV
  • Access brilliant career resources worth £££’s
  • Most important have fun whilst achieving!

Choose the programme which is right for you!

Each programme covers a wide range of topics from the promotion of self-employment and the development of businesses. To developing an ‘enterprising mindset'( In other words. How to create opportunities and make them happen) enabling you to stand out in the world of work.

  1. Mission Possible – Be Your Own Boss ( 14th and 28th of April 2012)
  2. The Employable (May 2012)
  3. The Fusebox – Ignite the Career of Your Dreams (June 2012)
Grab your application form or get your burning questions answered by emailing  

Yuliana Seymour – Programme Director – Enfuse Schools

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Update Enfuse London Campaign

Progress on the Enfuse London Campaign has been brilliant with over 700 Young Londoner ‘enfused’ on the advice and interactive workshop which enabled them to be aware of the expectations of the work environment and some practical steps they must take to turn what they love into what they do for the next half a century! More importantly we gave them the opportunities to take action today

Making The Grade

9/10 is the average score for the Enfuse London Workshops. A student from St. Mary’s High School said

“This workshops has changed my life. I’m taking the opportunity to create my own future now!”

This Week’s Workshop

This week will see us going into Prendergast-Ladywell Fields College to deliver the final Enfuse London Workshop before the Enfuse London Conference.

We will have the amazing founder of Adnan Ebrahim speaking about his career journey so far and planning a secret interactive career challenge.

Maybe he’ll bring a new car into the playground?

Enfuse London Conference

In late April we will be delivering the Enfuse London Conference for 500 young people to put the questions they want answered to employers and influential figures. The event coincides with the launch of the  ‘National Career Service’ and provides an opportunity for the Minsters to tell us the steps taken thus far but then how they can listen to young people and act upon their views.

We are joined in delivering this high impact event by ‘The Challenge’ , Eventbrite and The Guardian. 

We’ll post the link to register young people 13-18 here shortly.

Stayed Tuned. Stay Enfused!!

Hassam Mir

Project Manager

Enfuse London Campaign

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Enfuse Schools opportunities! Last chance to join us!

If your 13-21 and would like an opportunity to develop your life and career opportunities outside school hours then this is for you! Welcome to Enfuse Schools

About Enfuse School

Enfuse School is an intensive, challenging and fun course to help young people to develop their employability and enterprise mindset. Enfuse School covers a wide range of programmes/topics from the promotion of self-employment and the development of businesses through to a focus on young people being ‘enterprising’ and entrepreneurial in their life and career endeavours.

Starting with school pupils and moving all the way through to young people and graduates. We work with a wide range of partners to stimulate the aspirations of young people, and to embed enterprise across all levels of education. Programmes are for mixed abilities and are separated into age categories 11-13 14-18 18-25.

Why should I apply?

If you have and want to land that dream career or has a burning idea you want to turn into a reality then Enfuse School is for you.

  • Discover how to take your idea forward;
  • Meet like-minded people;
  • Network with real entrepreneurs and peers
  • Gain important career tools and concepts
  • Add a certified experience to your CV
  • Have fun while developing your employability and enterprise skills
  • Develop your mindset towards life and career
  • Opportunities to gain work experience
  • Access to funding and expert advice
  • Previous Enfuse Youth Alumni have gone on to start-up businesses, gain employment and even start their own charities across the world.

How it works?

  • 2 half day sessions
  • Courses take place on evenings, weekends and half terms.
  • 3 months follow-up mentoring and access to exclusive career related opportunities and funding opportunities
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Choose one of our programmes which is right for you

Select Your Programme:

1. Mission Possible – Be Your Own Boss

This programme helps participants to understand what is really involved in starting their venture and whether self-employment is right for them. It also provides an introduction to the key knowledge and skills necessary to effectively plan and start a successful business. The programme is supported by a Business Advisory Service, part of which participants are provided with the services of an expert business adviser who will work with them on a one-to-one basis. Tried and tested entrepreneurs also feature in Enfuse School. So prepared to be immersed in their challenges on knowledge of the front line.

Topics covered:

  • Generation of the business ideas;
  • Feasibility of the business idea/business opportunity
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Business strategy and business planning
  • Sources of Funding, maintaining financial control
  • Pitching your business idea
  • Networking and benefits of social media

2. The Employable  

The programme helps participants to understand employability process and gain confidence, knowledge and skills to apply for the job in the current very competitive world of work. The session are hands on and will test and develop your skills and attitudes. You will also have dialogue with employers who are seeking enthusiastic talent.

Topics covered:

  • Personal appraisal and current skills check
  • Development of the personal action plan
  • Skills current employers are looking for
  • Search techniques (e.g. how to look for job/training opportunities)
  • How to write a CV
  • How to write covering letters
  • Interview skills
  • The pledge and next steps

3. The Fusebox – Launch the Career of Your Dreams

If you want to know ‘How’ to turn your enthusiasm into your dream career this session is for you.

The programme helps participants to understand their personal motivations, skills and attitudes they need to achieve their ideal career. The programme delivered over 3 sessions will enable you to develop the ‘enfuse mindset’ which will develop  map your pathway to your dream career.

Topics Covered:

  • Personal appraisal and current skills check
  • Career Options available to you
  • Development of the personal action plan / Mission Statement
  • Understanding the Employability Process
  • Develop Your Confidence in Interviews and Applications
  • Is self-employment an option for you
  • Pitching/selling yourself
  • The pledge and next steps

London Course Starting dates:

Saturday April 14th and 28th – Mission Possible – Be Your Own Boss

Saturday May 5th and 12th – The Fusebox – Launch the Career of Your Dreams

Saturday June 8th and 9th – The Employable 


How to Book:

Places are limited, please follow these steps to secure your place:

  1. Email to get an application form
  2. Fill in the application form
  3. Send it to
  4. We will be in touch to carry a phone interview prior to accepting you on the course
  5. We will send you a confirmation letter with all details and a welcome pack


Young People – £40 per course

Special offers on group booking and referrals Contact Us For Details

(Participants in Enfuse London will receive a 50% discount on their first session)

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Social Media in Education. What do you think?


Here is a good study of how social media affects to education. Here in Enfuse youth we think that depends on what is used for. We understand that is an update of how people get connected today and we think that if they start using them since they are young, this will be reflected in their ability to use it for a professional goal.


Moreover, it also has lots of potential into their university learning stage. So here it comes a doubt to our head, do you think every university educator is prepared for it? Are the alumni more prepared for this social engaging live? Are we living in a transition phase and we have to wait till this gets more stabilized?

We will see!



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Nokia Social Innovation Lab: Social Media Week London

Hey Readers,

Don´t miss this opportunity to engage with Nokia staff at the Design Council  tomorrow between 2:30 till 4:00 pm. In addition our founder, Andre Campbell, is going to speak there and he would love to discuss the importance of social media in addressing the UK’s youth issues.

If you need any help contact us on Twitter @enfuseyouth and we will be happy to help you!


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London expedition. Chapter 1: the reasons

Chapter 1. The reasons
By Borja Alonso (Enfuse Youth Social Media Manager)

My name is Borja Alonso and I am the social media manager of Enfuse youth. Our mission is to transform young people passion/enthusiasm into a career they will love. However, today let’s forget about job descriptions as self descriptions, I am writing to tell you how I landed here and why.

As most of you know, Spain is a great country: good weather, friendly people, excellent Mediterranean food, the best football league over the world (Liga BBVA), maybe one of the best western Europe places to go on holidays… Apart from that, nowadays Spain is chasing the highest unemployment ratio ever in its history.  As some resources reveal BBC World News Spain is overtaking 5 million of unemployed workers.

Anyhow, it is not all truth. Since I have knowledge about economic themes: educators, politicians, people around coffee gatherings, … assume that in Spain there is something called “black economy”. This means that some of the business deals are done in the background scenario, so that, the Government can´t count them or even notice they exist. This “businesses” are not paying any tax, VAT or having any kind of security support. A simple example to clarify this point could be the cleaning ladies, plumbers, locksmiths,… These services provided by workers are well known as “black economy” examples. They go to your house to do their stuff and they normally won´t charge you any tax or vat, they will just give you an illegal ticket with no validity.

Ultimately, the unemployment crisis is not that all. Speaking about small deals, who is going to care? But, what about big deals? Those that moves millions of euros, don´t you think controlling this could save lots of job positions? I totally agree. But who is guilty? The Government maybe?

The ‘Black Economy’ applies to the minority, in spite of this fact, the crisis is out there and many families are suffering.

But what are the real reasons for this crisis?

At an international level, this crisis comes from the global recession fuelled from US Sub prime loans.

In addition we also had, and still having, an internal building crisis. As it happened in Netherlands with the tulip crisis or Tulip Mania in 1637. The tulips reached very high prices levels and then suddenly collapsed, they even overtook home prices. This is more or less what happened in Spain in the construction industry.  It became a situation where people could not deal with payments, so this crashed in a chain reaction affecting almost everyone, sooner or later.

These are the reasons why this unemployment peak currently exists in Spain and that´s why I came here, looking for place to live and work.

You may have noticed that there are many young Spanish people in the city of London.Don´t worry we, usually, don´t bite people =). The other day I read an article from a Spanish paper saying that a 25% of 20-25 years old workers have migrated to other countries in order to find a good job. Their favourites destinations were Germany and UK, amongst others.

So here are some details of why Spanish people have to go out there and find an alternative way to survive within this crisis. In terms of how are going to react those hosting countries, no worries, we are very qualified workers. And, for sure, some Spanish warm culture will be welcomed in these countries. And that´s why I landed in Enfuse Youth, where I am doing my best in the social media management and how to adapt the Spanish market thinking into the English one, which is much developed in some fields.  In next episodes I will explain more deeply how did I end in Enfuse youth, how long did take me to find a job in London and what is my feedback so far.


Chapter 2. The HOW

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Andre Campbell, Enfuse youth founder being interviewed in a car!

Thank you very much CarThrottle guys for this amazing video.

In next sessions we will introduce some tips to get more confident.

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