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Hey There!

We’re the Enfuse Team young, hungry and on a mission to transform the way career guidance is delivered to 14 – 18 year olds in the UK through an experiential approach.

If you want access to the latest news, work related opportunities and a whole bunch of useful resources to make you that VALUE ADDER in the work place. Why you just came to the right place friend.

We look forward to your comments!

Our Journey So Far….

Enfuse Youth is an award winning experiential career development CIC* founded by Andre Campbell FRSA. Dedicated to using the latest experiential learning techniques in personal develop and career coaching to transform young people (14 – 18) enthusiasm into their dream career. We believe that life and career and are interrelated and the best way to build an exciting future for a young person and our community is through developing a confidence and  enthusiasm for life and career.

By working with governments, corporate sectors, and educational institutions, within 4 countries we have supported more than 7000 14-18 year old’s. Through providing young people with comprehensive, and impartial,training and development opportunities.

We have developed and executed a series of high impact projects for the benefit and development of young people over the years.

Through our services, young people are able to explore and more importantly, take action towards their employment and/or self-employment options. We pride ourselves on our ability to engage young people and take them on a journey of self and professional discovery enabling them to enter further training/education, employment or embark upon their own venture.


One thought on “About Us

  1. Sissy Rooney says:

    Hi, I love what your organisation is about and I feel there is some synergy between both our companies, so I just wanted to make contact. We at the Street Style Surgery offer a vast array of creative workshops to help inspire and engage young people all across the UK. I give motivational talks to young people with the ethos being to never give up and follow your dreams as I left school with no qualifications which I feel was heavily influenced by a very unproductive meeting with a careers adviser who told me that I wouldn’t be a famous fashion designer but that I may be a sewing machinist in a factory if I was lucky, after this meeting I went off the rails and left school with no qualifications. My company was set up to tell people that they can be whatever they dream to be and expose them to a vast array of creative subjects. You can read more on my website and on the about sissy section

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