PwC ambassadors ignite ‘Enfusiasm’ in London college students

ImageStaff from PwC’s London office are spending time with students from Oasis Park Shirley college in Croydon as part of the firm’s, ‘One Firm One May’ campaign.

‘One Firm One May’ saw PwC staff  join forces for a nationwide volunteering and fundraising event with a theme of ‘supporting social enterprise’ throughout the month of May. The aim of this event is to make a long-lasting impact in the local communities by sharing vital business skills with social entrepreneurs and fundraising to help the most disadvantaged people in society. 2013 will be the fourth year that PwC rallies employees from all over the UK to work to one goal – To spend time in the community and make a difference.

PwC Chairman Ian Powell said:

‘Our efforts to help the most vulnerable in our communities go beyond a month of concentrated support, but we hope that by running a focused event throughout May we can highlight what a difference sharing some of the skills we use in our everyday work can make to the future prospects of a social enterprise and those members of society that they support.’

After being impressed by their approach to igniting the ‘intrapreneur’ in young British people PwC associate, Aysegul Kazdal elected to work with the careers Social Enterprise Enfuse Youth CIC. Kazdal has organised for a group of volunteer ambassadors to support the work of Enfuse Youth through a day’s volunteering at Oasis Academy Shirley Park to share their insights on study, work and the world of jobs and careers.

Enfuse Youth have promoted the term ‘intrapreneur’ based on management consultant Gifford Pinchots’ term for individuals within large corporations taking direct responsibility for generating innovative ideas. 

Enfuse Youth founder, Andre Campbell, said:

“We were delighted when PwC contacted us. It’s really important that young people are shown clear routes to the intrapreneur in them, and that they stop second guessing their careers. Our PwC ambassadors are a great example of how you can do that.”

Director of Work Related Learning from Oasis Academy Shirley Park, Michelle Gibbins said:

“As a large academy we are forever trying to help students gain valuable skills which they can take with them into a work place. Many students are unaware of the importance of developing  these skills and many are shocked at the reality of being out of the security of the academy to being alone in the big wide world. Any help we can offer students to succeed is an absolute must”

Notes to Editors

About Enfuse Youth

Enfuse Youth CIC is a career Social Enterprise with a difference, having created £250,000 worth of employment opportunities for 12,500 14-19 year olds since 2010. Able to ignite enthusiasm in young people, Enfuse Youth brings out the intrapreneur in candidates by showing them a clear path to their dream career; be it traditional work, further education or own business creation.

For more information about Enfuse Youth and our six-week National Enfusiasm Week (NEW) Campaign contact Andre Campbell

About PwC

PwC firms help organisations and individuals create the value they’re looking for. We’re a network of firms in 158 countries with over 180,000 people who are committed to delivering quality in assurance, tax and advisory services. Tell us what matters to you and find out more by visiting us at

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National Enfusiasm Week 2013

By Dr Harveen Chugh

The phrase ‘cut your losses’ is commonly used in everyday conversation, but how easy is this in business practice?

Entrepreneurs commonly state that starting up a business is more time consuming than the average full-time job of 36-40 hours a week. So how much time should you be prepared to invest in starting up a business and what will you be spending that time on?

A number of things may start to occupy your time – writing a business plan, developing the product, making contacts, or trying to sell the product, to name just a few. It is not surprising therefore, that entrepreneurs often refer to their business venture as their ‘baby’ and hope that it will be a big success. But what if things don’t quite go to plan?

Difficulties or challenges can occur along the way – product failure, lack of funds, difficulties in…

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Caine’s Arcade

Caine’s Arcade personifies our mission to ignite enthusiasm in all young people so they can love what they do and do what they love!


Enfuse London Conference

Enfuse London Conference

Grab Your Limited Ticket!

Enfuse London Conference Nokia Competition!

As part of Enfuse Youth’s partnership with Nokia, we’re running a competition in the lead up to the Enfuse London Conference.

We want to know:


All you need to do is:

  1. Book Your Ticket
  2. Tweet your answer to @Nokia_Connects with the #ENFUSELDN hashtag.

The best answers will win something ‘amazing’ to take home on the day.

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Orange Different Business Competition

Your imagination is the most powerful weapon for change we have. Submit your ideas to the Orange Different Business Competition to win over £200k worth of support!!!

Your Voice!

Enfuse Youth are delighted to support the UK’s Biggest EVER Youth Vote Registation. Attend here:


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Enfuse Schools New Dates

In the UK young people will work for 50 years! That’s half a century before you can retire!

Are you the person who wants to do something they don’t enjoy for half century?

No! We thought not.

We’re young people who have developed Enfuse Schools after working with experts and 10,000 young people in 4 countries over the pass 24 months. 

Enfuse Schools takes young people like you (13-17/18-25) through interactive workshops, igniting your enthusiasm for your career and life mission.

So you can begin to love what you do and do what you love!  

If you have a burning idea and want to turn it into a reality or simply want a no nonsense guide to building the attitudes and skills which will land your dream career, then Enfuse School is for you!

Grab Your Limited Place Today

  • Discover how you can take your ideas and ambition forward,
  • Meet like-minded people,
  • Add a certified experience to your CV
  • Access brilliant career resources worth £££’s
  • Most important have fun whilst achieving!

Choose the programme which is right for you!

Each programme covers a wide range of topics from the promotion of self-employment and the development of businesses. To developing an ‘enterprising mindset'( In other words. How to create opportunities and make them happen) enabling you to stand out in the world of work.

  1. Mission Possible – Be Your Own Boss ( 14th and 28th of April 2012)
  2. The Employable (May 2012)
  3. The Fusebox – Ignite the Career of Your Dreams (June 2012)
Grab your application form or get your burning questions answered by emailing  

Yuliana Seymour – Programme Director – Enfuse Schools

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Update Enfuse London Campaign

Progress on the Enfuse London Campaign has been brilliant with over 700 Young Londoner ‘enfused’ on the advice and interactive workshop which enabled them to be aware of the expectations of the work environment and some practical steps they must take to turn what they love into what they do for the next half a century! More importantly we gave them the opportunities to take action today

Making The Grade

9/10 is the average score for the Enfuse London Workshops. A student from St. Mary’s High School said

“This workshops has changed my life. I’m taking the opportunity to create my own future now!”

This Week’s Workshop

This week will see us going into Prendergast-Ladywell Fields College to deliver the final Enfuse London Workshop before the Enfuse London Conference.

We will have the amazing founder of Adnan Ebrahim speaking about his career journey so far and planning a secret interactive career challenge.

Maybe he’ll bring a new car into the playground?

Enfuse London Conference

In late April we will be delivering the Enfuse London Conference for 500 young people to put the questions they want answered to employers and influential figures. The event coincides with the launch of the  ‘National Career Service’ and provides an opportunity for the Minsters to tell us the steps taken thus far but then how they can listen to young people and act upon their views.

We are joined in delivering this high impact event by ‘The Challenge’ , Eventbrite and The Guardian. 

We’ll post the link to register young people 13-18 here shortly.

Stayed Tuned. Stay Enfused!!

Hassam Mir

Project Manager

Enfuse London Campaign

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International opportunities

Today I am going to speak about International careers and Globalisation as the major reason for its development.  

The 21st century came with great changes and challenges. Globalisation as a concept has revolutionised the world making differences more equals and closer distances. The most representative tool is the Internet. It is crazy because 50 years ago was impossible to think that you could connect, speak, share and do business between London and China in real time.

Furthermore, it is also very relevant the fastness this went on. How have big companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter grown so fast? Maybe it was something everyone desired or needed; the positivity of the idea made the rest. Equality and proximity between nations is a positive initiative which is giving opportunities to lots of people. If I need an oil producer, I won´t look around UK, I will look for a Mediterranean country where I know the quality will be the best. What I need to do is go to Google, Facebook, Twitter and contact them. Simple and easy.

The truth is that yesterday it was ludicrous to think about starting a career abroad and nowadays it is something which is happening and is being very considered by employers. Since you are in University, great opportunities are passing in front of you focusing on internationally.

It is very valued to learn from other cultures in order to become a richer person in every aspect of life. I will be a better business man if I know how to deal in China, Japan, USA, Spain or Greece; nowadays good deals are made worldwide. 

The worldwide crisis which is affecting us, could be seen from a negative point of view or like an opportunity. The reason could be that today companies are not globalised enough or are not looking for the right opportunities abroad.

But yes, students are starting to look beyond the crisis; as a way to meet new cultures, relations and jobs… and develop their personal and professional skills. 

Currently the global entrepreneurship congress are quoting this:

Richard Bransom: “I had a dream, I´m living it”.

Martha Lane Fox: “We believed the world should shop online, we proved it”.

Lord Heseltine: “I wanted a world beating business, I built it”.

Terry Leahy: “I wanted to win, I did it”.

In my opinion, international careers are  useful both in the short and long term and everyone should have the opportunity reach out and grab it. 

 I am not going to miss the Global entrepreneurship conference, are you? 

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